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Elleebana Brow Henna Products - Individual

PH Activator 55ml:
Necessary for the best henna activation and result. Mix 6 drops of activator with desired henna to create a thick but spreadable consistency. 

Henna Shampoo 55ml:
Gentle and effective, this shampoo is especially formulated to work before your brow henna service. Elleebana Brow Shampoo cleanses the skin preparing the skin for a beautiful skin stain. Apply with disposable applicators and remove with damp cotton rounds.

White brow pencil:
This easy to use pencil is perfect for mapping on your brow tint and brow henna clients! Elleebana's superior quality shines through in this must-have tool for every brow artist.

Mixing tool:
Perfect for mixing your henna! Battery operated. Batteries not included. Replacement sticks also available. 

Gold Angled Eyebrow Brush:
The perfect brush for henna. The dense and short bristles allow for precise and even application. 

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