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Hot & Cold Stone Therapy Massage Workshop


Duration: 1 Day 9am-5pm   Trainer: Georgina   Cost: $795.00 Includes Kit worth $550.00 includes 54 Piece Stone Set & 18 Litre Heater.

Foundation Stone may well be your first journey exploring the use of alternating temperatures and using stones within a massage treatment.  Here you will learn the principles of thermotherapy and stone energy, the art of performing treatment balance between mental stimulation and body relaxation, and an extremely effective full body spa stone massage. This course is a stand-alone and gives you all you need to become a competent STONE MASSAGE THERAPIST. More importantly, it is the foundation stone on which to build your future stone career –

Course Introduction

This workshop will be showing and explaining how to incorporate hot and

cold stones into a Full Body, Face and Scalp Therapeutic Massage.

The various relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques demonstrated

during this workshop include using the different shapes, sizes and

temperatures of the stones to Benefit, balance & deeply relax the Mind and


Our trainer, Trained by 'LaStone Therapy' instructors in the UK has

based this workshop on these techniques and the skills, experience and

feedback she has developed over the last ten years using the stones in

Spa/Salon. The workshop will demonstrate that this is a multifaceted

technique designed to benefit both the client and the therapist. The

therapists will discover that the stress and strain to their wrists and

hands from deep tissue massage, will lower hugely by using the hot and

cold stone therapy technique.



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