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Max 2 Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Max 2 Volume Up Mascara is one of the only good quality products on the market that is Specially formulated for use with lash extensions!

  • Keeps your extensions fresh and clump-free
  • It has the staying power to last all day 
  • Washes off with your lash shampoo for clean and clear lashes
  • Use on lower lash line 

This product is great for your clients to use on their lower eyelashes, or when using classic extensions only can be applied to the TIPS only to give a little oomph. Best not to use any mascara at all on volume lash techniques.


Most mainstream eye products will ruin your hard impeccable lash work, leaving clients feeling like your work doesn't last.

They will cause disintegration of the adhesive causing the extensions to simply pop off, or at worst - causing the adhesive to soften into clumps of extensions and then drying... imagine this happening day in and day out when they use their products. 

Even if your client only uses their products on the lower lash line, even if it's only once or twice, that is all it takes to ruin a good set of lashes, and result in early lash loss and worse, discomfort fo your client. 


TO USE: The first few times there will be excess mascara on the brush so best to wipe excess off into the tube, then press the brush into a tissue before use. This will give you more control of how much mascara goes onto the natural lashes.

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