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Planet Nails

Ombre Sponge Stick (With Refills)

Perfect for creating beautiful colour gradients on any base enhancement with Lastik Stick and Stay Gels, Gel Paints, Planet Gel Polishes, Stamping Gels, Acrylic Paints or Nail Varnishes. You can also use your Ombre Sponge Stick for applying pigment powder or chrome.

How to clean sponges: dip the sponge in a drop of Gel Finishing Wipe (when using gels) or Water (when using Acrylic Paint) or non-acetone remover (when using nail varnish), dry it with a paper towel. The sponge will be back to its normal size in about an hour. Wait for the sponge to dry completely before using the stick again!

Comes equipped with four replacement sponges, 6 sponges in total.

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