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Planet Nails

Planet Ultimate Gel - One Step UV/LEDGel - BUILDER COVER - 15ml

Premium low heat single process hard gel that cures in 30 seconds under LED lamps and 2 minutes under traditional UV lamps. Single process or one step gels can be used, as the name suggests, in one step or if prefered in a 3 step application (base, build and top).

Easy application, glossy finish and your clients will enjoy flexibility with unmatched strength and durability. This hard gel is quick and easy to remove by filing or buffing as it's a solvent resistant product. Provides up to 4 weeks of flawless wear without any fear of cracking or chipping, and stays glossy until you file it off.

Builder Clear is a thicker viscosity gel great for extra control, used to add structure, build, extend or sculpt the perfect enhancements. This gel self-levels slowly which means it won't run, the builders also offer a bit more body which makes building structure super easy and means there's no need to constantly chase the product.

This is a hard gel and can potentially cause a heat spike under certain conditions.

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