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THUYA - Eyebrow bleaching solution, 15ml

Thuya Eyebrow Blonde Dye is a specially created bleaching solution for eyebrows. Designed for professional use.

It is recommended to use Thuya Bleaching solution with Special Dye Solution Oxidant (Cream). 

Thuya Bleach is used for:

- for lightening natural eyebrows 1-2 tones

- for lightening dark eyebrows and subsequent tinting in the desired tone of a lighter shade

- for leveling the color of grey or uneven eyebrows

Shelf life after opening is 12 months. Store in a dark place. The lid must be firmly closed.

Note! It is necessary to remove the protective ring from the dye to avoid oxidation.

How to use:

Mix Thuya Bleach Solution with Thuya Cream Oxidant in 1:1 ratio until smooth

Prepare, clean and degrease the skin the skin and apply the mixture with the brush for 10 minutes

After processing time is finishes, clean the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad

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