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Thuya Brow Lamination Kit

Gives instant result, creates the perfect brow shape!
The kit is enough to perform up to 55 treatments!
The kit contains :
Step 1. Permanent gel Thuya Professional Line 15 ml.
Softens the hairs, opens hair cuticles.
The chemical process breaks down the bonds within each hair, allowing them to move into a new shape.
Step 2. Neutralizer cream Thuya Professional Line 15 ml.
Sets the new shape of hair and preserves new bonds formed in the hair.
The amount of Neutralizer cream should be equal to the amount of Permanent gel used during Step 1. 

Processing times for Permanent Gel and Neutralizer cream are 8-13 minutes each depending on the thickness of the eyebrow hairs.

Step 3. Regenerating Argan Cream Oil 15 ml.
What is does: seals the effect inside the hair, increasing its resistance, restores moisture back into the brows and skin.
Vitamin E improves the hair structure and some of its internal characteristics. It nourishes, moisturizes the hair.

Thuya Client After Care:

  • Do not get your eyebrows wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pool for 24 hours.
  • Avoid eye make up for 12 hours. Try to use oil free makeup remover at all times.
  • To avoid irritation, do not rub or touch the eye or eyebrow area.
  • Use SPF to protect your eyebrows from direct sunlight as this will weaken the perm effect and fade the tint color.
  • Chlorine and certain skincare products will shorten the effects of the perm and tints.


Thuya Brow Lamination Kit is for professional use.


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