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Tina Davies

Tina Davise Sunset Pigment

Once again, in collaboration with Perma Blend, Tina Davies has formulated another line of ultra pigmented, high-quality pigments specifically designed for use in cosmetic tattoo procedures. Tina Davies Sunset Pigment Collection is made up of 3 easy-to-use, eyebrow tones that can be easily matched to, and used on, redheads and warmer hair tones, without the need for mixing or guesswork. They can also be used as modifiers to achieve the perfect shade for individual client needs.

Each pigment contained in this set can be used for both machine and microblading procedures. In the kit, you’ll get: 

  • Sunset (15mL)

  • Toffee (15mL)

  • Autumn (15mL)

  • Thick Shading Solution (15mL)

  • Color chart for quick reference and easy color selection

These pigments are designed to fade at a rate of about 10% per year.

All Tina Davies X Perma Blend Pigments are sterilised, vegan and cruelty free

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