Its Dermafix Home Masque Time

A masque is the perfect addition into your skin care routine, giving the skin an instant boost towards a healthier look and feel.

 Found yourself sitting at home with nothing to do thanks to lock down? Have a few minutes in your day that needs to be filled? Then why don’t you spend some time being kind to your skin! Be honest, when was the last time you invested time into your skin care routine? Without the usual distractions of work and traffic, there is no better time than to treat to your skin to one of life’s greatest pleasures, the face masque, a vital yet oh so pampering skin care step.

 Our skin, especially the epidermal layer works hard to fight against free radical damage and maintain moisture levels whilst ensuring it is adequately protected against environmental exposure, it is now your turn to give a little back to the skin. Always remember a quality face masque is complimentary to an everyday skin care routine and should be applied onto clean dry skin, with all traces of make-up thoroughly removed. Exfoliating the skin before applying a masque will provide advanced results as actives applied after this vital step are able to work into the skin effectively.

DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care recommendations on finding the perfect masque for you with this quick reference information guide:

For deep cleansing benefits;

 The DermaFix Clari-Fine Clay Masque incorporates Kaolin and Bentonite Clay, ideal in absorbing excess oil from the skin, improving removal of surface debris and eliminating build-up within the pores. The addition of Tea Tree and Chamomile extract within this formulation provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits whilst helping to soothe and calm the skin. This stand out clay masque, is a healing gel-clay masque which does not harden on the skin like a typical clay masque would, removal is fuss-free when using a clean, warm wash cloth, mitt or sponge.
Customising tip: a few pumps of DermaFix Clari-Fine Clay Masque may be added into DermaFix DermaPolish + Activated Charcoal for added skin purifying and exfoliation benefits.

For a radiant and glowing skin;

The DermaFix Pumpkin Peptide Masque is a unique thermal masque, ideal for the removal of dead skin cell build-up whilst promoting cellular rejuvenation and an increase of circulation within the skin. As this masque boosts anti-oxidant protection levels, using this masque results in a smoother, more radiant looking skin, and is perfect for preventing dullness often experienced within the winter months.

For hydration and skin relaxation;

 The DermaFix Vitamin Therapy Masque is a cream-based masque that provides an all-important skin nourishment boost whilst improving skin hydration and repair. Formulated with avocado oil, DermaFix Vitamin Therapy Masque is especially beneficial for sun damaged skin, working to improve the appearance of sunspots and scarring whilst offering superior skin moisturising benefits. This masque furthermore offers additional anti-oxidant protection thereby helping to protect the skin against free-radical damage that leads to skin ageing and breakdown. An added bonus to using this masque is that it does not need to be removed, but can rather be left on the skin as an overnight skin boosting treat.

Skin in need of TLC or rescue;

More than just a masque, the DermaFix HydraSooth SOS is a powerful anti-inflammatory corrective assisting to reduce skin sensitivity and inflammation. It comprises of active ingredients working to boost the levels of hydration within the skin whilst promoting skin recovery and a refined texture. Used as a skin calming masque, a hydrating skin corrective, skin soothing serum or even as a post-sun burn cooling gel, this is one masque that should definitely be a part of your DermaFix home-care product routine.

 There should be no more excuses, give your skin the helping hand it deserves with the inclusion of a suitable masque focused on improving your skin care needs with high active concentrations. For more information on these abovementioned products, and more on the DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care range, contact us directly on 9414 1089.