ELITE SALON SUPPLIES is the proud distributers and importers of DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care range in Australia.

DermaFix is one of the most effective yet gently skin care ranges available. Based on science and nature, these amazing products provide measured results for the gentle protection, correction and treatment of all skin concerns. DermaFix is kind to the environment, offering fully recyclable packaging, without excessive boxes and packaging.

Stemming from Johannesburg, South Africa, DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care have sourced laboratories across the world to supply effective solutions and updated formulations for Superior Skin Care. DermaFix will continue to growing by developing and delivering brand value through an effective and expanding product line which includes new and innovative technologies i.e, Stem Cells, Telomere Protection, Liposome encapsulated Peptides, Advanced Natural Phytonutrients and Botanicals.

** You will need to have training in professional protocols and product knowledge before you can use any DermaFix Professional Products. Please see our Training tab on our website for all information regarding DermaFix training. Interstate and country salons will have to train by Skype. You must hold at least a Diploma in Beauty to be eligible to attend training.

DermaFix is famous for its Enzymology - Enzyme Facial Treatments that promote a vascular reaction causing the muscles to pulsate as in passive exercise which increases circulation, detoxification and oxygenating the skin. This effect can cause striations (plasmatic effect) on the skin.




 DermaFix Retail Products

** Feel free to purchase any of the DermaFix retail range online through our website. You will need to register before purchasing. We are trade only and only deal with Industry Professionals.