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ACC Hyaluronic Gel

DermaFix ACC Hyaluronic Gel is a highly concentrated anti-ageing, moisture binding and skin repairing facial treatment. It assists in slowing down the ageing of the skin, re-plump and fill in wrinkles.  Collagen is a vital protein of the human body and is responsible for a large percentage of the moisturising process, which is essential in keeping the skins youthful appearance, tone and skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurs in dermal tissue where the fibrous collagen and elastin proteins are found, keeping the skin supple and hydrated.

Benefits:- Binds moisture into the dermis and epidermis.

:- Reduces fine lines cause by dehydration.

:- Enhances the skins radiance.

Directions for use:-

Apply Hyaluronic gel to cleansed dry skin. Apply morning or night, or both.

Rub in to aid penetration.

Once absorbed by the skin, follow with moisturiser of your choice, we recommend for daytime application DermaFix Vitaplex-C cream in the morning, or for evening application DermaFix Bio-Effective Cream or Dermafix Ceramide complex

Always use a high SPF Sunscreen with your morning application. We Recommend DermaFix Dermashield high protection sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

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