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Beauty Image Wax Cartridge


Black Detox:
Detox Roll-On is just what you need to achieve perfect waxing and glowing skin. The powerful combination of activated charcoal and caviar extract is detoxifying, moisturizing, and brightening for the skin – it even helps to even out skin tone.

Cera Glamour:
This luxurious roll-on has all the properties of classic Finewax (delicate and effective waxing with optimal workability) plus gold powder and argan oil. The result? Leaves skin bright, velvety and delicately scented.

This roll-on is enriched with ricinus communis seed oil & titanium dioxide. Softens & soothes the skin while absorbing the heat, so it is recommended even for people with high heat sensitivity.

Champagne Fraises:
The combination of strawberry & champagne in this roll-on offers a delightful waxing experience. Both ingredients have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brightening properties for flawless results. This roll-on is creamy and has fine nacre pigments for an attractive, glittery appearance.

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