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La Clinica

Clear Skin Range

Anti Blemish Face wash
A soap free deep cleansing foaming facial wash gel.
Formulated for normal to oily skin types. Cleanses thoroughly without stripping skin.

Intensive Spot Serum 50ml
A fast working "Zit Zapper" formulation with naturally derived ingredients that won't strip your skin dry. A light, readily absorbed lotion serum to help in the battle against blemishes, pimples and break-outs.

Multifruit Acid Serum 50ml
A Multi Fruit Acid Serum with Salicylic Acid and Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. Gentle hydroxy acid serum suitable for use on blemished, acne prone skin to help smooth out texture, regulate oil production, decrease congestion, revitalise complexion and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Intensive Oil Control Cream 50ml
A light, hydrating moisture cream to protect the skin whilst working to help fight acne, break-outs and blemishes. Oily/acne skin conditions needs a resilient moisture barrier to protect skin's acid mantle and help regulate sebum production.

Anti Blemish Facial Exfoliating Scrub & Mask
3 in 1 Action - Exfoliates, Deep Cleanses and Treats your blemishes and break-outs. The active ingredients help clear skin prone to break-outs and acne. Use to help clear and smooth the texture of your skin and reduce incidence of break-outs, blemishes and acne.

Anti Blemish Skin Care Kit
Kit Includes:

CLEAR SKIN Anti Blemish Face Wash Gel - 250mL
CLEAR SKIN Intensive Spot Serum - 50mL
CLEAR SKIN Oil Control Moisture Cream - 50mL
CLEAR SKIN Anti Blemish 3 in 1 Facial Exfoliating Scrub and Mask - 100mL
LA CLINICA 100% Cotton Facial Cloth (21.5cm x 21.5cm)
LA CLINICA toiletry bag worth $20rrp

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