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Dadi' Oil - Cuticle Oil Natural Nail Care Organic ~ Naturally better!

Why Dadi’ Oil?

Delivers flexibility, toughness and shine to the nail, and moisturizing benefits to the skin. Dadi’®Oil offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration and a clean, light aroma made up of 21 essential oils. The benefits of Dadi’ Oil include:

Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply
Enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness
Long-lasting color stability and shelf-life
Great moisturizer for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration
Many uses for Face, Body, Hair and Nails
Great item to retail to clients.

Did you know? Recommended Home care for your clients and for yourself too!You should apply cuticle oil 1 to 2 times per day to keep the enhancement flexible and the nail and surrounding skin conditioned.


High-Purity Avocado Oil ~ contains high levels of vitamins A, D and Lecithin for superior moisturizing.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ contains Squalene, a natural softening agent already found in nails and skin ; it also contains Oleocanthal, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
Jojoba Oil ~ a penetration enhancer.
Natural Vitamin E ~ a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes and destroys free radicals in nails, skin and hair before they cause damage.


A blend of 21 naturally derived essential oils including Citrus, Vanilla, Limon, Bergamot, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lavender create a beautiful aroma.

The Many Uses of Dadi'Oil - Face, Body, Hair and Nails you will love the smell.

Need to find out more about this product?
Click here to get in contact with us.


Need to find out more about this product?
Click here to get in contact with us.

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