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Dadi' Oil

Dadi Oil


• Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply
• Enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness
• Long lasting colour stability and shelf-life...
• Great moisturiser for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration.

So what’s in it?
High Purity Avocado Oil: Contains high levels of vitamins A, D and Lecithin which produces superior moisturising qualities.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Contains squalene, a naturally occurring softening agent normally found in nails and skin, and Oleocanthal, a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory.
Jojoba:  Acts as a natural penetration enhancer to increase penetration of other ingredients.
Vitmain E: A powerful anti-oxidant that upon contact will neutralise and destroy free radicals in nails, skin and hair before they cause damage.

Available in: 3.75ml, 14.3ml, 72ml and 172ml. 

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