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Dermal Repair 57ml

DermaFix Dermal Repair is a multi vitamin facial treatment. It contains Vitamin C, A and E, as well as beneficial minerals and pure essential oils.  DermaFix Dermal Repair maintains the integrity of the skin barrier and prevents trans-epidermal water loss.  Skin hydration is an important factor when preserving the integrity of the skin.  DermaFix Dermal Repair provides a smoothing, anti-oxidant, brightening and protective treatment for all types of environmentally damaged skin.  When used prior to make-up application it will help form a breathable moisture seal for even and smooth make-up application.

Benefits:- Helps the skin regain healthy tone, moisture, silkiness and radiance.

:- Protective barrier treatment for all non-sensitive environmentally damaged, and ageing skin.

Directions for use:-

Apply a small amount of Dermal Repair to skin twice daily. This product can be used as a serum, followed by a moisturiser of your choice, or as a stand alone moisturiser.  It makes a lovely primer for foundation, resulting in a smooth finish.

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