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Planet Nails

Glaze - 14ml


Glaze shines, seals and protects your artificial nails.

Saves time - No shining required - it also hides a multitude of sins!

APPLICATION: Shake well. Apply. Cure for 60 seconds under the PN Speciality Dual Cure lamp. No need to wipe.

CLEAR: One application of "Glaze" is sufficient.

What it can be used on:

HARD GEL: Finish your gel application, and wipe the sticky residue with Finishing Wipe. The Glaze then goes over the gel.

ACRYLIC: No need to shine the nail. Just buff the nail to a smooth finish, eliminate all bumps and refine the shape. DUST, SANITIZE and apply the Glaze.

REMEMBER: Glaze has to be buffed off. But because it is just a thin coat over the existing product, it is quick and easy to remove.  The fact that it needs to be buffed off will make this product your best friend as it will protect your nails while you are working on your clients' nails.

Once you have tried Planet Nails GLAZE you will never use another top coat again.

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