Zoom Lamitta - Laminator Slide Lash Lift Brush

Lamitta - Laminator Slide Lash Lift Brush


LAMINATOR - is a professional innovative tool for placing and separating eyelashes on a shield or a rod without the use of any other disposables or plastic applicators and helps to significantly reduce your treatment time.

Now you only need to allocate 5 minutes for placing eyelashes on a rod perfectly!

It is an absolute a game changer worldwide for the lash lift treatments.

Why is it so special?

1. You don't need plenty of tools to make the correct and quick laying of the eyelashes on the shield. The laminator easily lifts the lashes. Makes excellent lash tension and separates them. 

2. The tool can work with any type of eyelashes: thick or thin, short or super long.

3. The time of your treatment is reduced without sacrificing quality.
It will only take about 5 minutes to place the lashes on a shield ensuring each and all of them lay perfectly. It will save your time - the procedure will go much faster.

3. It doesn't damage the eyelashes
The laminator is based on bristle that gently works with eyelashes without damaging them and is absolutely safe when working with the eyes

4. Clients are super comfortable and do not get any uncomfortable feelings
Very often, a plastic tool gives clients unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations. Now it is in the past. 

5. Durability
It is almost impossible to ruin this brush. Excellent quality allows you to use it for a very long time

6. It does not harden when working with the glue
All plastic applicators can get a built up of the glue or simply harden. The laminator works very well all the way thanks to its special fiber! 

7. Re-usable

Laminator is not a disposable tool. You can soak the tool in any disinfectant for brushes and tools and reuse.

Need to find out more about this product?
Click here to get in contact with us.


Need to find out more about this product?
Click here to get in contact with us.

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