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La Clinica

Practitioner Facial Treatment Products

Caviar & Pearl Neck & Bust Treatment Mask 250ml
This treatment mask assists in maintaining firmness and appearance of skin around bust, neck and décolletage areas. A beautiful treatment for skin that is showing signs of ageing and loss of elasticity. 

Purifying & Healing Vitamin A Mask 250ml
A creamy, nourishing mask formulated for skin that requires assistance to rebalance and heal. Purifying green tea extract is used for it's antioxidant properties to fight free radicals, whilst vitamin A refines the skin and promotes cellular renewal. With healing zinc oxide, beta Carotene and Boswellic Acid to restore softness, leaving skin looking healthier, feeling calmer, smoother and hydrated.  

Anti Stress Facial Mask 250ml
An intensive restorative mask with active ingredients to target stressed skin that demonstrates irritation, sensitivity, vulnerability and fragility. Can be applied on all skin types as a relaxation mask. A light creamy treatment mask to help soothe, calm and rehydrate skin. Ideal to relax tense facial muscles. 

Ionic Purification Mineral Mask 250ml
A unique zeolite mineral formula to draw out and absorb impurities. With a warming effect to assist in the clarifying and stimulation action.Take 5g (approx 1 tablespoon) of this mask and mix in bowl with 3ml or Anti Ageing Rose Water Facial Mist. Mix until paste turns into a milky chocolate colour.

Vitamin A Skin Radiance Facial Mask 250ml 
To restore hydration and radiance to the complexion. Rebalancing, revitalising, nourishing, strengthening and deeply hydrating. This brown algae facial mask is the ultimate oxygenating and revitalising treatment for skin. Formulated with Alp Rose Stem Cell Extract, Loftus Flower Liposomes and Vitamin A. 

Hydra Restore Mask Treatment Kit
A hot oil infusion mask treatment that contains a powerful combination of richly hydrating oils, vitamins and actives. Use to instantly revitalise and restore a healthy appearance to dehydrated, dry, lifeless and flaky skin. This is a natural, non-irritating, paraffin-free “oil to wax” hot facial mask. (The waxes are plant derived and compatible with skin.)

Firming Lift Caviar & Pearl Deluxe Eye Mask
A collagen boosting, skin firming eye mask formulated with skin restructuring biomimetic peptides. Incorporate this mask into any LA CLINICA facial treatment to give skin around this delicate eye area a boost to increase and improve skin function. The Firming Lift Eye Mask helps rehydrate skin, adding a softness and appearance of lift. Works to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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