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Jax Wax

Jax Wax Strip Wax

Cooktown Orchid:
- Rose Fragrance
- Made with synthetic resins and titanium dioxide for the most sensitive skin types.
- Will spread ultra-fast, ultra- fine, leaving zero residue behind.
- Recommended for Brazilian strip waxing & sensitive areas.

Victorian Heath:
- Strawberry Fragrance
- Thin spreading, creamy wax leaves no sticky residue.
- Removes the toughest hair and is extremely gentle on skin.
- Recommended for reactive, sensitive skin and intimate waxing.

Daintree Black Bean:
- Sandalwood and Cedarwood Fragrance
- Extreme pulling power for multi directional hair growth
- Spreads thin while the dark colour allows you to see where you have applied it, zero residue.
- Recommended for unruly, strong hair, perfect for male waxing.

Australian Wattle:
- Magnolia and Honeysuckle Fragrance
- Ultra-thin spreading for fast application
- High performance strip designed for optimum hair removal.
- Gives exceptional results on all types of hair

Alpine Bluebell:
- Lavender Fragrance.
- Lavender essential oil softens the skin.
- Super glide technology provides fast, fine application.
- Superior grip, no residue.
- Recommended for all skin and the shortest, toughest hair.

Coastal Banksia:
- Coconut and Lime Fragrance
- Smooth opaque formula with titanium dioxide and coconut oil.
- Recommended for strong hair and delicate skin.

Sydney Waratah:
- Strawberry Fragrance
- Removes short & stubborn hair.
- No sticky residue.
- Recommended for all areas and all types of hair

Cape York Amber:
- Fragrance & Colour Free
- Contains Organic Hemp Oil
- Applies clear on the skin
- Suitable for all areas
- Traditional style strip wax

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