All things Dermafix Enzyme

Enzymes are widely used in skin care formulations as they provide exfoliation benefits, helping to remove redundant skin cell build-up and encouraging cellular turnover. Making use of enzymes allows for a more refined texture and leaves the skin with an even and radiant complexion. DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care makes use of a variety of enzymes found in both the DermaFix homecare and professional protocols.

When making use of enzymes, one of the most effective enzymes used within the skin care industry is papain. Sourced from the papaya fruit, papain works to break down protein bonds between the redundant skin cells, thereby acting as a natural exfoliator. This helps to increase cellular renewal, removing redundant skin cells without the abrasive action of granular aids. DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care is making use of enzymes found in this superior ingredient within the following products; 

DermaFix DermaPolish, a unique blend of organic enzyme-rich powders, micro-exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter. DermaFix DermaPolish is packed in dry form to maintain its effectiveness and freshness. Water activates the enzymes together with hydroxy acids, working to smooth, soften and brighten the skin. In addition to the key ingredient papain, DermaFix DermaPolish contains Liquorice extract that lightens and brightens the skin, along with Colloidal Oatmeal to balance the pH of the skin whilst accelerating barrier repair.

Dermafix Pumpkin Peptide Masque is an anti-oxidant rich, thermo-heating masque that provides re-texturising benefits whilst resurfacing the skin and encouraging cellular renewal. This masque is suited towards anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation and breakout-prone skin care concerns, and leaves the skin glowing with a brighter and more radiant complexion. Furthermore, DermaFix Pumpkin Peptide Masque improves skin hydration, whilst reducing wrinkle depth and surface imperfections within 28 days of regular use.

Modern day chemistry and biological actives allows the DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care Professional Range to provide advanced results alongside a thorough home care regime. Within the professional products range, are in-clinic protocols consisting of enzyme rich powders that offer you an active and unique DermaFix Facial;


The Derma Corrective Enzyme Masque, used in the DermaFix Kick-Start Facial, makes use of a herbal enzyme formulation that contains soothing Flowers of Oats and amino acids (proteins), helping to soften “plasticized” and hardened skin caused by the overuse of acid-based products. It helps raise the skin’s pH, dissolving and drawing out embedded topical product residues, and prepares the skin for advancement into progressive masque protocols.

In addition to the benefits of the ingredients contained within the Derma Corrective Masque, this masque is mixed-up with the addition of the DermaFix Corrective Activator, a natural exfoliation product created to activate the botanical enzymes in the DermaFix Masques. This is a viscous, translucent, botanical fluid derived from the outer epithelial shell of kelp, and has the ability to penetrate into the pores, helping to lift out and remove redundant skin cells, bringing a refreshing, youthful glow.

DermaFix Firming Facial Enzyme Masque, used within the DermaFix Firming Facial protocol, makes use of enzymes and amino acids to soften the skin while encouraging cellular repair. The DermaFix Firming Facial Enzyme Masque affects the deeper fragile facial muscles, working to tighten and tone in the sub-dermal area. It holds the skin tightly in contraction for the duration of the masque, promoting a vascular reaction, causing the muscles to pulsate as in passive exercise to firm the skin.