Lash Lifting Shield GUIDE 2023

A comprehensive breakdown of My Lamination and Katya Vinog shields, comparing the two industry leading brands and allowing you to chose the perfect shield for every eye shape. Every time. 

Shape: Before choosing what brand to use, we must determine the appropriate shield shape for the clients eye shape. 

L Curl = L curl shields are developed to provide a wide-eye effect to the clients with hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes and asian ethnicity. L curls are essentially C or D curls with a flat base. Because of the flat base, you will be able to give your client the ultimate eyelid lift.
Recommended shield: Katya Vinog Clover

C Curl =  C curl is one of the most popular curls worldwide and will be suited to most clients. If C curl is used for clients with slightly downward angled lashes, it will give a satisfying lash lift. If used for clients with close-to-horizontal angle lashes, it will provide a fabulous doll eye effect. However, for clients with heavily downward-angled lashes, we recommend using D curl instead. 
Recommended shield: My Lamination Blue

D Curl = D curl is very similar to C curl, just curlier. They are especially effective for clients with downward-angled lashes who want a show-stopping look. These lashes will brighten and widen the eye and give a noticeable curled effect. Be mindful when using D Curl on long lashes as there is the potential to over curl.  
Recommended shield: My Lamination Pink

 Sizing: Utilising the correct shield and measuring the lash properly will determine the results of your lash lift drastically. When measuring the lash, use your lifting tool and hold the lash up to the shield, ensure the top of the lash reaches above the apex (the middle point of the shields curve). See example below. 

Now we can break down the difference in brands and the make up of the individual shields.

Katya Vinog Clover: 

The world renowned shields have undergone a transformation and now Katya Vinog has released her newest collection called the Clover.

Key features:

  • New & improved shape
  • 6 new different shield sizes
  • New texture & finish 

The Clover lash lift shields are still a high flat hybrid shield but it now has a new shape with as many as 6 sizes compared to the previous collection only having 4 sizes. These new Katya Vinog eyelash lamination shields are designed to be used so that the natural lashes will fully cover the body of the shield or to be 1mm under the full body. 
The lilac shade adds a hint of subtle colour to the lash lift experience, adding a distinct aesthetic to your content. The shields are durable, hypoallergenic and easy to apply, making them the ultimate choice for a beautiful, safe lash lift.

Clover Lilac sizes: 1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5

Other products from the Katya Vinog range include:

Silicone Lash Lift Palette, Bottom lash shields, SHINE Compensators and Silicon Re-usable under eye patches.  


My Lamination: 

My Lamination is the latest, revolutionary and innovative Italian technology bringing you the highest quality lash lifting products with always consistent results, while maintaining and improving lash health. My Lamination is designed with the lash health in mind.The end goal is always to make sure the lashes are perfectly lifted, thicker, fuller and  beaming with health. 

Made out of soft, premium grade silicone, these shields are very soft, adhere to the eye lid easily and provide a natural curl. 

Pink (D Curl) Available sizes: Small, Medium, X-Medium, Large & Mixed 

Blue (C Curl) Available sizes: Small, Medium, X-Medium, Large & Mixed 

My Lamination is the only brand worldwide backed by clinical tests done by University of Padova which shows instant thickness improvement of minimum 30%. Every single step of My Lamination Lash Lift has supporting ingredients which work to improve lash health.
Shop the entire range here: My Lamination