What is Vitamin C and why do you need it in your skin care routine?


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and the most prominent antioxidant in our skin. Think of it as nature’s best brightener; it will light up dull skin as if you’ve been hotwired directly into the power grid, itself. You might be wondering, why not just ingest Vitamin C? Stop! Don’t go buying up all your local grocer’s supply of citrus fruits because when ingested the skin only receives a very small portion of benefits by the time the vitamin is circulated. Incorporating Vitamin C into your diet is, and will always be great, but we as humans lack the enzyme enabling us to synthesise it from diet alone, we should supplement our skin with topical applications.


It’s our LA CLINICA lab secret weapon with a trifecta of benefits: it brightens, lightens and tightens. It can help restore radiance and fade UV-damage, pigmentation and pesky sunspots like you’ve never been kissed by a sun’s ray before. Another brilliant benefit of Vitamin C is that it helps collagen production and reduces inflammation, so skin feels and looks bouncier and healthier. It also defends against free radical damage. In skin care speak we often talk about free radicals because they cause the most havoc on our skin’s health. Think about it this way; skin is the first line of defence against the world and aggressive external agers such as UV damage and pollution, and then there’s also internal aggressors such as stress and hormones. All of these elements are free radicals and topical treatments bursting with antioxidants can help slow down their damage on the skin and prevent ageing.


You could be seventeen or seventy. Or have oily, dry, or sensitive and ageing skin. It doesn’t matter, because Vitamin C suits any skin type, or age. Our lab has designed the two serums and oil featured below so that they can easily slide into any existing routine. We all have different needs and skin care routines, but as a general rule, our skin experts recommend using Vitamin C every or every other morning. They suggest the morning as the powerhouse antioxidant helps protect your skin from daily out-and-about aggressors such as pollution and UV damage. And it’s worth noting, it takes several weeks of continuous use to start seeing an improvement in skin tone.

These products should be the first step in your routine post-cleansing and toning, when your skin is completely clean. If you have any residue leftover, then that will create a barrier stopping the vitamin from working its magic. If worn in the day, our skin experts also suggest layering an SPF50+ over the top.

As well as being super-affordable and formulated with a high potency of the vitamin, we have also ticked all the boxes to ensure a stable formula; they are manufactured, packaged and filled under nitrogen, into airless containers, and produced in small batches to prevent products from expiring during storage. We’ve thought of everything, including using an opaque container to protect against sunlight and oxidisation to create the most effective, results-driven products for you.


Essentials Vitamin C Ultra Serum 30ml 
A serum is a skin care step that you’re probably overlooking, but your skin craves. Serums are designed to deliver potent and active ingredients deeper into your skin and will slip easily into your current routine. With a powerful dose of Vitamin C, this is an all-rounder to help rejuvenate dull, dry and sun damaged complexions.
“Love, love this product, my skin is glowing from using it! The price is amazing & very affordable.” - Penelope M.

Gly C Refine Vitamin C Potent Antioxidant Oil 15ml 
This supercharged facial oil contains 30% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C) making it a powerful tool against sun damage, pigmentation, melasma caused from pregnancy and dullness. A hefty measure of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E keeps skin juicy and hydrated. Apply this light, non-greasy oil before your moisturiser in the morning or evening for brighter skin days ahead.
“Best Vitamin C oil on the market. This product not only leaves your skin feeling hydrated it gives you an incredible glow all day!” - naomidim.

Essentials 30% Vitamin C Anhydrous Humectant Serum 30ml 
This potent serum will brighten your skin and fade dark spots, pigmentation and UV damage. It’s also designed to help smooth out skin texture and improve tone. And it’s deeply nourishing and hydrating. For Vitamin C newcomers, it does feature a potent-level of the ingredient and we recommend easing this into your routine to begin with and then work up to layering it on every morning.
“Amazing results with this serum. I’ve used many Vitamin C products before although this one has 30% vitamin c and it has brought my skin back to life. My acne scars have faded dramatically, and my skin overall looks healthy and brighter!”- Debbie L.